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Topcon IC-1
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The IC-1 is a new innovative concept and an efficient solution for presenting instruments in your consulting room. This IC-1 Instrument Column is wall mounted, resulting in a very small footprint, saving you valuable floor space and making it easy access for cleaning the floor. The IC-1 is available in two colours and can be setup for one or even two instruments. The adjustable elevation of the table top allows for seated or standing operation of your instruments.

With additional option of a monitor and keyboard support, this IC-1 Instrument Column will turn into a complete flexible workstation, which is also easily accessible for wheelchair patients. The IC-1 in combination with Topcon’s Auto-Refractometer KR-1 or KR800, along with Topcon’s Tono-Pachymeter CT-1P, is the perfect solution to provide complete refractive eye care on a single square meter.

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