De Ceunynck Medical NV
Topcon SL-D701
Oftalmologie - Diagnostiek - Spleetlampen - SLD701

-      Halogen + LED for same instrument.

-      New DC-4 camera

-      Still image Auto Exposure function (DC-4)

-      Never lose the best image – Smart Capture

-      Meibomian gland photography without EI-50 (BG-5)

-      New exciter filter & barrier filter (Fluo model)

Advantages of LED:

-      Increase of illumination à Brighter images can be expected.

-      Decrease of lamp exchange burden:

·        About 8 years product cycle.

·        Less emergency calls for lamp exchange.

-      Anterior chamber cell is much easier to observe due to shorter wavelength of LED, compared to longer wavelength, scattering effect is stronger.

-      Color temperature does not change much while adjusting the brightness. (photographic conditions always stay the same)

Brochure available soon
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