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Topcon SP-1P
Oftalmologie - Diagnostiek - Spec micr - SP-1P

The new Topcon Specular Microscope model SP-1P introduces a modern ergonomic design and innovative features that simplifies its use and increases its efficiency.
A large 10.4 inch rotatable touch panel monitor eliminates the need for a control lever, and can be turned to various angles, for better interaction with the patient. By simply tapping on the center of the patient’ s pupil displayed on the monitor, the SP-1P automatically centers, focuses and acquires the endothelial cell image. The entire operation takes a few seconds and it is fast and smooth, requiring minimum training. The space saving features combined with its ease of use makes the SP-1P the instrument for a new generation in eye care.


Wide Angle “Panorama” Photography Mode:
- Substantial size increase of the analyzed area

Two Specific Photography Modes
- Sequence Course & Free Style Course

Quick Automatic Measurement and Analysis

- Instant acquisition of the analysis result

- Intuitive operation

Easy-to-Read Screen and Comprehensive

Analysis Software

- Frequently referred values are shown on top
- A pleomorphic / polymegethic histogram can be shown with color

Compact and Stylish Design
- 10.4” rotatable touch panel monitor
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