What is IQM?

IQM is the most powerful treatment verification system available on the market. Unmatched accuracy, real-time error detection and fully automated background monitoring make IQM the ideal solution for online patient monitoring.
A new approach for all of your plan verification and machine QA needs.
A fully automated all in one system that optimizes your workflow.


  • A true innovation
  • Defines the next generation of Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy
  • Verifies, fully independent, without user interaction, in real time and very accurate the delivered dose
  • Makes patient QA, machine QA and plan QA easy and reliable. No user interactions required
  • Makes QA easy to implement and consistent across your installed base
  • Guards the quality of therapy when it matters: during patient treatment
  • Improves your patients safety

The IQM technology

The IQM wireless Detector is a newly designed, one single ionization chamber. The manufacturer (Varian or Elekta) specific tray holder integrates the IQM detector into the beam path. The detector allows for integration into any TPS as a tray factor or as an output correction factor. The detector pairs with a wall mounted receiver through Bluetooth for unobstructed patient handling.

The Advantages of IQM

Designed to measure every field size, every field shape, every dose, every dose rate, every energy at any field position at every control point without user interaction. IQM is compatible with Elekta as well as Varian Linacs, a wide variety of treatment planning systems and supports all modern treatment techniques IQM allows for seemless integration of a robust QA process in your day to day workflow.


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